Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The End! Of All Things

Oh shucks, there goes my shot of being the most prolific writer in Bloggersville. I love reading. Hands down, reading for fun beats reading for knowledge, but that's just me; the BF is the just opposite. For a couple of weeks now (ain't gonna give away how long), I have been loafing around work. Granted, I am writing this post on the company's network, maybe I am egging them on to read my stuff..hehehehe. I have not been totally not working but I have not been challenged either and when I don't feel challenged, I read for fun, 'cos I don't have any academic pursuits at the moment.

I have been reading mostly fantasy and erotica novels; well, what's more fun than that huh? Something strikes me, as I sit behind my desk eating peppered Indomine coloured with beetroot with cut parsley, cucumber, carrots and chciken sausage, the fantasy books I have been reading over the past weeks dealt with one obsession; world destruction with romance and magic of the physical kind. Yes, the world got saved in the end and the love triumphed; what would have happened otherwise? We, people, are suckers for happy endings. Don't get me started on the erotica; the stories were short and straight to point. No messing with the head of the alpha male when it came to the damsel (please note that the damsel in question was never in distress unless you call not cumming fast enough distress; I think sweet torture are the words). What happened to good old romance; Mills & Boom and the likes. I think Silhouette and Harlequin have joined the erotica scene since some of the erotic books had their brand. Sorry if I sound like I am complaining. I actually liked some of them even though I knew how it was all going to end. I learned a couple of things, S/M, dominance, dominatrix, submissive; what do these words conjure up?