Tuesday, May 5, 2015


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It have been over a year since my last post and many things have changed in my life. I have successfully completed my second degree program and graduated with merit; the boo and I got married and I have changed departments at work. God has been good.
While contemplating and researching on how as a wife, I can encourage my husband, I realised there are no blogs that I know of that speaks on marriage coming from Ghana. I am therefore changing the content of this blog to post on some of the stuff in my marriage; as new as it is. I decided to use this blog instead of creating a new one because the name is apt for the place I am coming from and because there are many ways to place in an abyss full of colour.
Specifically, from this point onwards this blog will be about Christian marriage because hubby (from here onwards called J) and I are Christians although we come from different denominations that too is a topic of different note.
So welcome to the new Kaleidoscope Abyss where God reigns in our marriage.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Douches & Things

It has been longggggg. Wow!

Anyho, remember this wanting to entice my friend's boyfriend and she coming back to Ghana to get married? well, it didn't happen. oh, not to the coming to Ghana bit; the marriage bit and for the most frivolous of reasons from the guy's part; Douch! and not just for the seek of my friend. Douch! He wasn't worth enticement. Keeeeeiiii!
My friend seems to have gotten over it. Been about a year now and she is in a new relationship with a guy she obviously seems to love (ha, no, i don't feel like kissing him; not my type (i don't have a type, hmmm), but nah, definately no danger of me doing anything stupid. My bf will be heartbroken)

So, what's up? I am offering a distance learning program in some 'brofo' school like that and it has kept me busy. I am due to start the next two courses for another eight weeks and then one week rest then the whole cycle starts again. In the meantime, I have been catching up with some blogs I follow though I have been mostly reading posts from http://adventuresfrom.com/ especially the fiction section. I must say it got some region of my body not dry and while in the office too; open office area and all, charley.

Image result for long natural hair 4b
4c hair like mine
I just have to share this or I go blast; my vow to remain a virgin till I get married gets thin sometimes, so the 'poor' boyfriend and i have decided to stop fondling and kissing (shit, did we decide or i imposed?). Therefore keep me in your prayers and i blame this all on my menstrual cycle which gets me feeling horny days before and after the flow of blood. Now that is something to envision.

                      Drool, now if only your hair was not dreadlocked.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The End! Of All Things

Oh shucks, there goes my shot of being the most prolific writer in Bloggersville. I love reading. Hands down, reading for fun beats reading for knowledge, but that's just me; the BF is the just opposite. For a couple of weeks now (ain't gonna give away how long), I have been loafing around work. Granted, I am writing this post on the company's network, maybe I am egging them on to read my stuff..hehehehe. I have not been totally not working but I have not been challenged either and when I don't feel challenged, I read for fun, 'cos I don't have any academic pursuits at the moment.


I have been reading mostly fantasy and erotica novels; well, what's more fun than that huh? Something strikes me, as I sit behind my desk eating peppered Indomine coloured with beetroot with cut parsley, cucumber, carrots and chciken sausage, the fantasy books I have been reading over the past weeks dealt with one obsession; world destruction with romance and magic of the physical kind. Yes, the world got saved in the end and the love triumphed; what would have happened otherwise? We, people, are suckers for happy endings. Don't get me started on the erotica; the stories were short and straight to point. No messing with the head of the alpha male when it came to the damsel (please note that the damsel in question was never in distress unless you call not cumming fast enough distress; I think sweet torture are the words). What happened to good old romance; Mills & Boom and the likes. I think Silhouette and Harlequin have joined the erotica scene since some of the erotic books had their brand. Sorry if I sound like I am complaining. I actually liked some of them even though I knew how it was all going to end. I learned a couple of things, S/M, dominance, dominatrix, submissive; what do these words conjure up?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Missin' U


People!, it have been a really looooooonnnggg time since you last heard from me. Let me tell you, I have been chilling. Why? Cuz a gal hasgotta chill. This is just to give you a heads-up that i am still hanging and I will be posting on some interesting topics soon. Things I wonder about. I just need to get my head around the fact that I bought a phone which under normal circumstances I would not have bought and it is going me a bit of a problem and I am mental-ling hitting myself on the head with a bat and yelling 'U stupid, u stupid, u stupid'

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Folks, it has been a long 5 weeks since I blogged and I have absolutely no excuse for my lethargy. Please forgive!
So guys, how do you ask a gal to be your girlfriend? Out of curiosity, have you ever asked a gal to be your girlfriend? Gals, has a guy ever formally asked you to be his girlfriend?
These thoughts, for some odd reason, were running through my mind this morning and I wanted to hear your views on it. I am all cool with gals who propose to guys.
Anyway, my boyfriend said he doesn't propose; it sort of just happens, he expresses interest by his actions and speech and before you know it, you are in a relationship. Makes you wonder how we got together. He said he loved me and I said same and that was it. One day, I am sure he will find me blurting out, 'You know, you never really did properly ask me out you', then we'll see what will happen then.
For those who are married, did you husband propose or you talked about marriage and then the gal getting the list from her family and then before you could say Kofi!, you are husband and wife.
How does it work? Do you need a proposal to say you are in a relationship and for keeps? How does that work out? What form should the proposal take? Forget the scenarios in chicklit and other's perception of what love is.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Clothng Mishaps

Clothing mishaps.
Who hasn't experienced it?
Oh, you! at the corner.
REALLY! you have not lost a button close your cleavage?, Ripped your pants against a ragged edge?
You sure you human?
My pants have been ripped. Okay, not totally ripped. This is what happened.
My pants have a side zip up to the waist. Today was my first time of wearing these pants since they were bought a couple of months back; not because I didn't want to wear them but because I did not have any shirt to go with it. They are brown stripped pants. So anyho, I wore them today with a light brown blouse which ends it a bit below the waist. I went to the lavatory and guess what?  I COULD NOT PULL UP THE ZIPPER ANYMORE! WHAT GIVES!
So I wiggle a bit here, and a little more there and whhrrrruup! The zipper runs over.
There I was with a torn zip and a blouse which couldn't cover the essential; my hip.  Either I have gained weight in the few hours from home to work or I have expanded. My dilemma.
Good thing I had my phone with me. I called a friend to find out if she was at home cos she lives close to where I work. Nope, her leave was over and she was back at work. Good gracious. Hmmmm
I then remembered one of my colleagues at work had blouses for sale; I called her and told her my predicament. Entem ara then she brought me a long blouse, which covered the torn zip at the hip and complemented the pants. Thank God. Crisis averted till another time. (no crisis oo)