Tuesday, May 5, 2015


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It have been over a year since my last post and many things have changed in my life. I have successfully completed my second degree program and graduated with merit; the boo and I got married and I have changed departments at work. God has been good.
While contemplating and researching on how as a wife, I can encourage my husband, I realised there are no blogs that I know of that speaks on marriage coming from Ghana. I am therefore changing the content of this blog to post on some of the stuff in my marriage; as new as it is. I decided to use this blog instead of creating a new one because the name is apt for the place I am coming from and because there are many ways to place in an abyss full of colour.
Specifically, from this point onwards this blog will be about Christian marriage because hubby (from here onwards called J) and I are Christians although we come from different denominations that too is a topic of different note.
So welcome to the new Kaleidoscope Abyss where God reigns in our marriage.