Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dr Cryme

I don't know why he chose this name for himself, but i love this song. The rhythm in it gets me dancing every time. So enjoy this to uplift your boredom. It doesn't matter if you don't understand the words; the feeling is in the beat. Enjoy

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What It Means To Call

"I will call you tonight/later/soon/".
Who hasn't heard these words or variations of them? and off you go with your head in the clouds, anticipating a call from the person who said these words to you.
You go about your business but ever so often picking up your phone, thinking you heard it ring, then again to check for any calls you did not hear or just maybe a message.
Logging in on facebook, skype and all email chats. You turn in late and fell asleep playing Sudoku on your phone.
You wake up the next day with the phone embedded under your shoulder blades, which are sore, and first thing you do is check to see if THAT call came. Oh, a message! (screaming in glee) You open the message only to realise it is coming from your network provider. Kwaseasem! Utter nonsense! Absolute rubbish! No I won't text nothing to nothing to increase my chances of winning that car that I have already paid for by purchasing your call card.
He just plain forgot. He signed in as invisible in cyberspace. He was so tired from work that he fall asleep immediately he got home. A tow truck knocked him down. Oh, it was deliberate. He did not leave up to his word.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Friend's Boyfriend

Remember my first post about lips; guys' lips, make that guys' cute lips? Well, it so happens that years ago a good friend introduced me to her boyfriend, and I found him totally fascinating. I know, I know, that is all so wrong, but hey, repeat that again?

It didn't help that his high school and mine were unofficially or officially dubbed as partners; his' high school being an all boys' school and mine, an all girl's school. This introduction took place in our first year at university. Before you get your toes are tangled up in knots and get on your high horse, no, I did not act out the urge to entice him. I am a 'good' friend. It did put a strain on my friendship because I started having problems in my relationship; not that I told my friend about this urge to kiss her boyfriend, but because her relationship was doing relatively well and mine sucked.

Years later, my friend asked me why she felt this tension between us; I knew what she was talking about but I gave her the second reason for that tension; maybe I did not want her to see me in a bad light, I felt bad about it, but it was for the best; after all, I did not give in to the temptation. It turned out to be all well and good.

After years of being together, my friend is going to tie the knot with her beau. You may be wondering why I am posting this then? It is because I wonder what would have happened if I had acted out my fantasy; would things have turned out differently for them. What would have happened to me? I remember I kept my distance whenever he was around to visit my friend. I tried never to be left alone with him and it worked.

I have been taught a valuable lesson too; fire does burn even when you don't go near it. I felt the burning urge to wrong my friend, but I didn't, and I burnt with the guilt of that thought, and the fact that the desire was still there because I wanted to do it just for the thrill. The thrill of the fact that I may succeed and damn the consequences. I thought it through; I felt the hurt and remorse that would result from my actions and felt nothing about doing it, that was a shame. I didn't do it and thank God. Now, I see them and they are so happy and right for each other. God bless them and bless me too to find someone like him.

My friend may read this someday. She may or may not know this is about her, but if she does, I pray she doesn't bear me any grudge for this.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Eavesdropping oo

Conversation between two men sitting adjacent my table during lunch

A man in long-sleeved dark blue shirt atop grey pants with a wine-stripped tie walks up to another man, wearing a grey-stripped shirt sitting down at a table with his meal of rice and spinach stew, and says to him
"Why? You also dine here?", with a wide grin, smiling at the seated man.

Grey shirt (married): "Why? Is it forbidden for me to eat here?", looking unperturbed.

Blue shirt (unmarried): "I expected to see you with a basket larded with stuff"

Grey shirt (married): "You wait until you get married; then you will not be talking about baskets of food. Who should wake up at dawn to do all that"

Blue shirt (unmarried): "What has marriage got to do with it?"

Grey shirt (married): "I know where you are coming from. I use to think (thought) the same till I got married. Both of you will be thinking about how to beat the traffic that you will not even be thinking about food. I hardly see my wife in the morning. She is gone before I wake up and I see her in the evening. She is at the operations side and if you ask me right now where she is, I won't be able to tell you."

Blue shirt (unmarried): "That is why brothers are marrying teachers oo. They (meaning teachers) close at 2pm and there is vacation so they are home with the kids and there is no need for a house-help to influence the children"

Grey shirt (married): "GES (Ghana Education Service) hardly changes the syllabus, so there is little research to be done. There is no need to prepare 'new' things everytime. It is recycling; same thing they teach everytime."

Blue shirt (unmarried): "A friend said as for him he is going to look for a teacher to marry. We teased him about that and he said the teacher will have more time for the children. Nowadays, everyone is after the money. Who should stay home and look after kids. The teacher closes early"

I don't know where the conversation ended because I was done with my food and left. So what do you make out of this?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Raise Your Glass To...

There are some thing I want to get off my chest. It occurs to me sometimes that I am liked by men mostly because of my breasts; yep breasts, boobs etc.

It has been demostrated time and time again  and I understand that my breasts come first before my brain and some men with probably like me better without the brains (I think I think too much sometimes)

So in honour of 14th February (I dislike it day because of what some people make it represent; mostly lust), show me some love and raise your glasses, cups, bottles and any thing that has a drink in it to, BREASTS! and the women who spot them (and some men too)!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Morning....

What I Saw
Sitting in a trotro to Tema Station this morning, I saw a man; I guessed his age to be around last thirties or early forties, he walks up to a kiosk, which stocked provision items, plastic bags among a host of other stuff, by the side of the road. This man hands the guy behind the counter a note, presumably money, and the guy in the kiosk hands him two cigarette sticks('jot') and a box of matchsticks. The man is in the process of taking his change, when a skinny old man, in his late fifties or sixties(again guessing his age), walks up to the kiosk and stands opposite the first man. The man walks off while clasping a joint in his mouth attempting to lit it with his hands cupped. The old man hands the guy in the kiosk some coins and takes two cigarette sticks in return. The old man could hardly walk and I wondered whether he had had anything to eat this morning..
.but then that is not all...there is the irony.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Opposite Stuff

Okay. So the first thing I do when I meet a guy I like, is to check out his lips, then I wonder what it tastes like and then that goes on to 'I hope he is a great kisser cos his lips are fine' My definition of fine lips; firm, juicy looking and full; none of the thin kinds for me. No siree!
How's that for a first post?