Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Douches & Things

It has been longggggg. Wow!

Anyho, remember this wanting to entice my friend's boyfriend and she coming back to Ghana to get married? well, it didn't happen. oh, not to the coming to Ghana bit; the marriage bit and for the most frivolous of reasons from the guy's part; Douch! and not just for the seek of my friend. Douch! He wasn't worth enticement. Keeeeeiiii!
My friend seems to have gotten over it. Been about a year now and she is in a new relationship with a guy she obviously seems to love (ha, no, i don't feel like kissing him; not my type (i don't have a type, hmmm), but nah, definately no danger of me doing anything stupid. My bf will be heartbroken)

So, what's up? I am offering a distance learning program in some 'brofo' school like that and it has kept me busy. I am due to start the next two courses for another eight weeks and then one week rest then the whole cycle starts again. In the meantime, I have been catching up with some blogs I follow though I have been mostly reading posts from http://adventuresfrom.com/ especially the fiction section. I must say it got some region of my body not dry and while in the office too; open office area and all, charley.

Image result for long natural hair 4b
4c hair like mine
I just have to share this or I go blast; my vow to remain a virgin till I get married gets thin sometimes, so the 'poor' boyfriend and i have decided to stop fondling and kissing (shit, did we decide or i imposed?). Therefore keep me in your prayers and i blame this all on my menstrual cycle which gets me feeling horny days before and after the flow of blood. Now that is something to envision.

                      Drool, now if only your hair was not dreadlocked.