Thursday, April 28, 2011

How To Nip A Guy 101

A colleague and I got talking (we tend to do that cos we cool like that. :)). 
A little background of this colleague: She is married and older than I. She could be my mother. She has style and swagger.  A young man might consider her for his 'cougar' (you never heard this from me. *sealed lips*).
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According to her, all men are capable of cheating and are cheating and though she has never made mention of it; that maybe her husband has cheated, has been cheating, and is cheating. She argues quite well (after all, she is a lawyer) that married Ghanaian men cheat on their wife. Okay, so to the point of this post. My colleague gives the following advice to women on how to keep their men coming back home even when they cheat (cos dey (men) be natural cheaters and all),

1. Ghanaian men love it when their women fawn over them.
2. After the man gets back from work, welcome him home gently and give him a massage.
3. Give your man a pedicure and massage his feet.
4. Don't press your opinion too firmly if he is in disagreement. Allow him to do whatever he wants and when it backfires, he will come back with his tail tacked between his legs (okay, so I added that bit of imagery)
5. Should he ever ask you to leave the home you have built together, be as stubborn as a mule and stay. (huh?, hmmm)
6. Do all these and more at carefully orchestrated periods and you are sure to get whatever you ask of 'your' man the next day.

So what say you, cos I need to nip me a fine male specimen, but I envision the following problems

Cartoon: LOVE... (small) by CIGDEM DEMIR tagged love,cigdem,demir
1. I am opinionated and waste no time making it known that something is impractical and ....
2. I don't want a home where the man crosses his legs and watches me do all the romancing and planning of getaways and fun times, oh and let us not forget the cooking. the cleaning and washing (thank God for the washing machine; I require a washing machine), ironing, diaper change ....
3. I love me some strong arms on me too and a cuddle or two or three, oh, you get my drift
4. I hate manipulation; of myself and of others, in any form. I want the truth; plain, plain. :)

Looks like I have a long-ways to go or maybe I can keep dreaming that I will be loved and appreciated with all my niceties and fault-lines. :)

Side note: What the heck happened to the images of handsome guys on the internet cos I sure ain't finding none! Took me awhile before finally settling on this, even though I still have misgivings. :)


  1. Don`t really agree with the fact that men are natural cheaters.Got some Intel from here though,Thanks for posting

  2. Thank you Didi for commenting.
    You don't agree? Huh?
    Glad you got something out of this post.