Sunday, April 3, 2011

To Catch a Thief

When 25-year old Amina took it upon herself to remove items that did not belong to her from Sarbah Hall in University of Ghana in the middle of the night of 31st March 2011, little did she know what would be in store for her when students of the Hall lay hands on her.

What happens when students take it upon themselves to merit 'justice' on a thief?
What happens when physical abuse turns sexual?
Who takes or will accept the blame?
Who cares enough to condemn without justifying such an act?

Read Daixy's blog post on this issue. My heart goes out to you, Amina. You may be a thief but you did not deserve this. No one does.


  1. Its JUst Sad ,I personally feel the students went too far and the University should take this case seriously.

  2. I agree with you. Let us make noise about it until something is done.
    Let us not wait for when it is done to someone who did not go to steal before we shout about the atrocity of it. It is wrong which must be not be condoned.

  3. i shed tears when i saw the video and i actually sent a hate mail to the owner of the video. thats jst such a very dirty evil wicked callous thing to do. i hope they get those hooligans that took part in disgracing her like that and those that recorded rhe video and put them in jail

  4. The university authorities say they are investigating the matter. I do pray those guys are dealt with severely.

  5. welcome, kitkat, to my blog. :)