Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Clothng Mishaps

Clothing mishaps.
Who hasn't experienced it?
Oh, you! at the corner.
REALLY! you have not lost a button close your cleavage?, Ripped your pants against a ragged edge?
You sure you human?
My pants have been ripped. Okay, not totally ripped. This is what happened.
My pants have a side zip up to the waist. Today was my first time of wearing these pants since they were bought a couple of months back; not because I didn't want to wear them but because I did not have any shirt to go with it. They are brown stripped pants. So anyho, I wore them today with a light brown blouse which ends it a bit below the waist. I went to the lavatory and guess what?  I COULD NOT PULL UP THE ZIPPER ANYMORE! WHAT GIVES!
So I wiggle a bit here, and a little more there and whhrrrruup! The zipper runs over.
There I was with a torn zip and a blouse which couldn't cover the essential; my hip.  Either I have gained weight in the few hours from home to work or I have expanded. My dilemma.