Saturday, December 17, 2011


Folks, it has been a long 5 weeks since I blogged and I have absolutely no excuse for my lethargy. Please forgive!
So guys, how do you ask a gal to be your girlfriend? Out of curiosity, have you ever asked a gal to be your girlfriend? Gals, has a guy ever formally asked you to be his girlfriend?
These thoughts, for some odd reason, were running through my mind this morning and I wanted to hear your views on it. I am all cool with gals who propose to guys.
Anyway, my boyfriend said he doesn't propose; it sort of just happens, he expresses interest by his actions and speech and before you know it, you are in a relationship. Makes you wonder how we got together. He said he loved me and I said same and that was it. One day, I am sure he will find me blurting out, 'You know, you never really did properly ask me out you', then we'll see what will happen then.
For those who are married, did you husband propose or you talked about marriage and then the gal getting the list from her family and then before you could say Kofi!, you are husband and wife.
How does it work? Do you need a proposal to say you are in a relationship and for keeps? How does that work out? What form should the proposal take? Forget the scenarios in chicklit and other's perception of what love is.


  1. I've never asked someone rather i've been asked. Asking someone to be ur boyfriend/girlfriend isn't half as hard as asking them to marry you (i guess). I don't know about women proposing to men oooo but when it comes to marriage, i think the man has to take the lead

    Nice blog u've got here!

  2. Thanks Beulah! sorry it took this long; almost a year, i should be jailed for negligence.