Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Morning....

What I Saw
Sitting in a trotro to Tema Station this morning, I saw a man; I guessed his age to be around last thirties or early forties, he walks up to a kiosk, which stocked provision items, plastic bags among a host of other stuff, by the side of the road. This man hands the guy behind the counter a note, presumably money, and the guy in the kiosk hands him two cigarette sticks('jot') and a box of matchsticks. The man is in the process of taking his change, when a skinny old man, in his late fifties or sixties(again guessing his age), walks up to the kiosk and stands opposite the first man. The man walks off while clasping a joint in his mouth attempting to lit it with his hands cupped. The old man hands the guy in the kiosk some coins and takes two cigarette sticks in return. The old man could hardly walk and I wondered whether he had had anything to eat this morning..
.but then that is not all...there is the irony.


  1. The irony of life. You are doing great, not bad for a second post either lol

  2. @BSNC: Yes, the irony of life. Hmmm.
    Thank you. :)

  3. Welcome to blogger, and yeah such is life.