Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What It Means To Call

"I will call you tonight/later/soon/".
Who hasn't heard these words or variations of them? and off you go with your head in the clouds, anticipating a call from the person who said these words to you.
You go about your business but ever so often picking up your phone, thinking you heard it ring, then again to check for any calls you did not hear or just maybe a message.
Logging in on facebook, skype and all email chats. You turn in late and fell asleep playing Sudoku on your phone.
You wake up the next day with the phone embedded under your shoulder blades, which are sore, and first thing you do is check to see if THAT call came. Oh, a message! (screaming in glee) You open the message only to realise it is coming from your network provider. Kwaseasem! Utter nonsense! Absolute rubbish! No I won't text nothing to nothing to increase my chances of winning that car that I have already paid for by purchasing your call card.
He just plain forgot. He signed in as invisible in cyberspace. He was so tired from work that he fall asleep immediately he got home. A tow truck knocked him down. Oh, it was deliberate. He did not leave up to his word.