Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Eavesdropping oo

Conversation between two men sitting adjacent my table during lunch

A man in long-sleeved dark blue shirt atop grey pants with a wine-stripped tie walks up to another man, wearing a grey-stripped shirt sitting down at a table with his meal of rice and spinach stew, and says to him
"Why? You also dine here?", with a wide grin, smiling at the seated man.

Grey shirt (married): "Why? Is it forbidden for me to eat here?", looking unperturbed.

Blue shirt (unmarried): "I expected to see you with a basket larded with stuff"

Grey shirt (married): "You wait until you get married; then you will not be talking about baskets of food. Who should wake up at dawn to do all that"

Blue shirt (unmarried): "What has marriage got to do with it?"

Grey shirt (married): "I know where you are coming from. I use to think (thought) the same till I got married. Both of you will be thinking about how to beat the traffic that you will not even be thinking about food. I hardly see my wife in the morning. She is gone before I wake up and I see her in the evening. She is at the operations side and if you ask me right now where she is, I won't be able to tell you."

Blue shirt (unmarried): "That is why brothers are marrying teachers oo. They (meaning teachers) close at 2pm and there is vacation so they are home with the kids and there is no need for a house-help to influence the children"

Grey shirt (married): "GES (Ghana Education Service) hardly changes the syllabus, so there is little research to be done. There is no need to prepare 'new' things everytime. It is recycling; same thing they teach everytime."

Blue shirt (unmarried): "A friend said as for him he is going to look for a teacher to marry. We teased him about that and he said the teacher will have more time for the children. Nowadays, everyone is after the money. Who should stay home and look after kids. The teacher closes early"

I don't know where the conversation ended because I was done with my food and left. So what do you make out of this?


  1. Interesting conversation. I see many young men think about it these days... a lot!

  2. But why? From what i gathered from them, most guys would like a stay-home woman; that true?

  3. Yes abyss, and it is not only because they are looking for somebody to look after the kids and bring them up properly. It is also because men fear that other men will come on to their wives in today's 'work environment'.

  4. So then is it alright if in today's work environment men can come onto women? What is the guarantee that these 'teacher wives' will not be accosted by a fellow teacher? They are afraid of other men?; better they be afraid of other women too. After all, in today's world there is a high chance it will a woman coming onto another woman; people will just consider them to be 'friends'